Hear What Members Say About WE

Women Speak Out About WE

More than 2,000 women from all over the region have joined the Women Enlightened for Better Health (WE) program at Rancho Springs Medical Center. Read about their experiences with the program. 

Debbie Parker, RN - Nurse Navigator For Women Enlightened

"The Women Enlightened for Better Health (WE) program at Rancho Springs Medical Center is a unique opportunity for women to get support and learn about a variety of health issues they may face, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. As the Nurse Navigator of the program, I meet with women to discuss their health concerns, assist with finding resources in the area and help them find a physician when necessary.

Once a month, we have a free educational get together at the hospital that highlights a different health topic. These meetings feature a local physician or expert on a health topic who provides information that can help women make the best health decisions they can make. These meetings are educational, and we have a great time. They include a catered meal and are for women only.

When you become a member of WE, you will receive a welcome packet, a LIV breast self-exam kit created by actress and singer Olivia Newton-John and a monthly newsletter to keep you informed about what is happening in the program. The ladies join in community events and make great friendships along the way.

There is no cost to become a WE member. Please call me at 951-200-7393 for more information, or sign up today.

I hope to meet you soon."

Karen Robertson

"The first time I attended a Women Enlightened event, the topic was the types of cancers that are common to women. That spoke to me as I’m a uterine cancer survivor. Every topic and speaker has been wonderful, informative, and helped me think about better ways to monitor my own good health.

At 73, I have learned that almost every negative health issue can be improved by exercise, eating right, getting a good night’s sleep, regular medical check-ups, having good relationships, and attitude. Being a comedian, laughter is high on my list, and I was honored to be invited to bring some humor on the night the topic was depression, stress, and anxiety. A little laughter goes a long way!!

I wish I had accepted Debbie Parker’s first invitation to a Women Enlightened dinner and presentation, but I’m happy to be a member now!"

Joann Brookover

"Women Enlightened could be one of Murrieta's best kept secrets. This is a gathering of women in the community that is hosted by Debbie Parker, nurse navigator for the program, at Rancho Springs Medical Center. At each meeting, we discuss women's health with other members and healthcare professionals.

I have benefited from attending these meetings by learning new information in an informal, relaxed calm setting. Women can listen, ask questions and be guided by professionals who present everyday information to us. Talk about having our world broadened. This is where it takes place.

Free literature, advice, discussions and occasional hands-on activities make for an enlightening afternoon. Treat yourself to an inspiring learning event and you just might get lucky with a great door prize as well. Be a lifelong learner and take an active approach with your health issues.

I am proud to be a member."

Mary Kevett

"I have been a member of the Women Enlightened (WE) program at Rancho Springs Medical Center for near a year. I really look forward to attending the monthly events, which usually include a free lunch or dinner. The food is delicious too!

These events are both informative and fun. There are women of all ages who visit and share their concerns and questions about the various health topics that are discussed. It is wonderful to have this resource available to all women so that we can better manage our health issues and concerns.

There is a guest speaker most months, who is often a doctor, who provides pertinent information about specific topics, such as cardiovascular health, breast cancer, hormone problems and more. Even if you are only able to attend a few events each year, you can receive informational and heartwarming emails from the program's nurse navigator, Debbie Parker. You can call or email Debbie with specific healthcare questions or concerns that may arise. Debbie and the staff at Rancho Springs Medical Center are warm and caring professionals who welcome everyone and serve as a resource for healthcare needs ... for FREE.

I highly recommend joining the group and attending the meetings, and maybe even becoming friends with the staff and women of Rancho Spring's Women Enlightened program."