Information For Patients

We're pleased that you and your physician have selected Rancho Springs Medical Center to provide your medical care. 

The information on this page will help you prepare for your time at the hospital. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask your physician, nurse or department manager.

Professional case managers are available to guide patients and families throughout the hospital stay and also help them prepare for any needs after discharge. To contact case management, call 951-696-6000. 

Medical Records 

System Health Information Management maintains records of the care patients receive while they are at Rancho Springs Medical Center. As required by state and federal law, these records are kept in strict confidence and are only released with proper authorization from the patient.

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Interpretation and Language Assistance

An interpreter is available via telephone through ATT for most languages. Sign interpreters are also available for the deaf. To activate one of these services, please contact a hospital staff member for assistance.

Southwest Healthcare System (SWHCS) recognizes the importance of ensuring those patients and their surrogate decision makers with limited English proficiency (LEP) and deaf or hard of hearing patients receive the same level of healthcare services as its hearing patients. Effective communication is a patient right and necessary for patient safety. This policy addresses the hospital’s policy and practice with respect to providing interpreter services and accommodations to the LEP, deaf and hard of hearing patients.

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Southwest Healthcare System (SWHCS) comprende la importancia de una comunicación efectiva entre sus pacientes y médicos, proveedores de tratamiento y servicios. El paciente tiene derecho a una comunicación efectiva entre él y el médico y es necesaria para la seguridad del paciente y para un cuidado de calidad del paciente. El propósito de ésta política es el de proporcionar los medios para los pacientes LEP y sus personas sustitutas encargadas de la toma de decisiones para entender sus condiciones de salud y opciones de tratamiento.

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Advance Care Directive (Living Will)

When patients are admitted to the hospital, they are asked if they have an Advance Care Directive or living will. If you do not have one, Rancho Springs can provide the information and documents you need. Learn more >


Mail and packages will be delivered to you by a hospital volunteer. Flowers are prohibited in intensive care units. Patient mail received after discharge will be forwarded to the patient's home. Outgoing mail may be taken to the nursing station or given to your attending nurse. Stamps are available in the gift shop.


Televisions are provided in each patient room. Be considerate of others and keep the TV volume down. All televisions have closed captioning available for the hearing impaired. Patients in double rooms should not watch television past 10 p.m. to allow rest for their roommates.

Pastoral Care

Volunteer ministers are available to all patients and their families.


Nurses will help patients gather their belongings and provide discharge instructions. Upon discharge, patients will first be escorted to the Patient Service Representative Area to finalize payment arrangements and then to their waiting ride.